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Yo but remember when Harley Quinn basically shat on gay bashing?

Oh my god, where is this from?

That one’s from Harley Quinn #22! Harley gets killed and goes to Hell, where she hooks up with some dead buddies and proceeds to plan a jailbreak. So Hell sics this crazed demonic enforcer on her, a bounty hunter from the Old West who even in death is obsessed with finding the one man who eluded him. After said bounty hunter annoyingly foils Harley’s escape plan, Harley finally asks him: “ffs, you’re dead, why are you so obsessed with finding this guy?” and it turns out that he wants revenge against the man who “corrupted” his son, aka his son’s boyfriend. And Harley’s like, “UM, DUH, YOU HAVEN’T FOUND HIM BECAUSE HE’S NOT IN HELL YOU BIGOTED DICKHEAD.” And then Harley proceeds to cause so much trouble in Hell that she winds up being banished back to the land of the living.

Because these are just the kind of things that happen to Harley.

Harley Quinn: Too Good For Hell

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So the current Ms. Marvel series is probably my favorite comic on the market at the moment. Which is saying something since there’s quite a few good ones out there at the moment. I just really love the art in it. So I sat down tonight just to doodle up a sketch of her… It really started off as just a sketch. But it sorta snowballed into… Well, what you see. I really like how it turned out, so I hope you do too. :)

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